Poumon vert et tapis rouge

A film by Luc Marescot

Color - 2020 - 90 min

The crew

Production, images and sound : Luc MARESCOT

Chef Monteuse : Laurence BUCHMANN

Chief editor : Annie COPPENS

Chief editor : Alexis BARBIER-BOUVET

Conformation editor : Kevin BILY

Assistant editor : Florian CHOMIENNE

Original music :  Alan SIMON Studio Woodbox Marco CANEPA

Storyboarder : Loic FONTIMPE

Post-production team HIVENTY 17

Site manager : Sylvie ANTONIONI

Technical assistants : Antoine MAY, Aurélien MOTARD

Voice recording : Nicolas HUGUES



Calibration, mastering and visual effects : Pierre BOUCHON



Sound editing, Voice-over, spind effects : Corinne GIGON, Vincent PESSOGNEAUX

Mixing : Corinne GIGON

Buzzer : Grégory VINCENT

Sound : Benjamin LECUYER

Auditorium LYLO : Haydée PARCOLLET


To help a botanist in his fight for primary forests, a documentary filmmaker, passionate about nature, decides to make a cinema film to mobilize public opinion. We follow him in his business, full of mischief, naivety, and unexpected moments.

Product by Jean-Pierre Bailly, MC4 and Corto Fajal,

Blue Hour Films

With the support of the region Bretagne

Movie website : www.luc-marescot.com